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During her eighteen years in Washington, Patty Murray voted for the largest tax increase in history and repeatedly against tax relief. Plus, this November Murray promises to vote for a huge tax hike on small businesses.

Last month Congress adjourned without passing an extension on previous tax cuts. This means that in January taxes will go on everyone who pays taxes in America, including thousands of small businesses. In November Congress will convene a “lame-duck” session and debate whether to allow taxes to go up on January 1st.

Our question for her is this: Ever heard of helping small businesses, Patty?

Patty Murray supported and voted for massive new regulations, opposed frivolous law suit reform, and is a long time supporter of dramatically higher taxes targeted at small businesses. Most everyone understands that higher taxes and more regulation on small businesses kills jobs.

Take Action Today! Let Patty Murray know that to create new jobs she needs to support small businesses by extending the tax cuts, not raising them!

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